A Story about a Borderline.

Do you know how it is to live on a Borderline? You’ve got to be multilingual, multi-perspectival, multimedial. That’s the Sprewanians – a species that embodies the area between Treptow and which defines itself as “in between”: They’re artisans, artists and experts for local history all at the same time. They speak every language and adapt perfectly to social and urban changes. They work hard all week and can still party until late on the weekend. You’ve got to love them!
Right now they’re living in a multifunctional hall at Flutgraben, there’s that building, which at the time of the Wall was closer to the border than any other. Today it is set in the middle of a party mile. Surrounded by clubs whose guests work during the week in the factories of today’s Mediaspree: call centers, agencies and start-ups. That’s where the Sprewanians are celebrating in between us like there’s no tomorrow.

Mit: Flin Deckert & David Gottlieb,

Regie: Philipp Urrutia,
Dramaturgie: Lena Schulze Frenking
Video, Visuals & Sounds: Stéphane Mashyno

28.09., 29.09., 30.09.2023, 

multi-purpose hall, Am Flutgraben 3, 12435 Berlin

Start: 8 pm

German, English

A production by OfW, supported by Bezirksamt Treptow-Köpenick v. Berlin / Fachbereich Kultur und Museum.

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