-: ABOUT ALICE is a theatre show. 

The show is not made for children.
The show is in a garden.
In the show people walk can walk around.
Sometimes you can sit down.
The entrance is free.
The show is in English and German.
The story of the show is similar to Alice in Wonderland.
Alice is Wonderland is a fantasy story.

These people act in the show: Kilian Garrós, Mehrdad Gharibian, Lalo Gomes, Stéphane Mashyno, Sara Mazzanti,

The Direction is done by: Philipp Urrutia,
The Decoartion is done by: Callum Bell,
The Make Up and the Dresses are made by: Marjorie Chau,
The Video are doing: Pixelflowers,
The DJs are from: GOLOSA

These people will perform one time:

09.08.2023: Aérea Negrot / Music: KH38

10.08.2023 : KARMA SHE / Music: Mashyno

16.08.2023: Ruby Wilson / Music: Amperia

17.08.2023: Diva D’Luscious / Music: 2FARO

At 6.30 pm people can get their tickets.
The show starts at 7 pm

It happens outside and doesn’t cost money.

The show is in English and German.
German sign language translation is offered on 16th and 17th of August.

Adress: ://about blank, Markgrafendamm 24c, 10245 Berlin

Nowadays the former kindergarten of the Deutsche Reichsbahn (Constructed in 1969) is an institution in Berlin’s club scene. A wonderland of alternative subculture whose garden invites to forget about life outside.

Translations into German sign language will be offered on 16 and 17 August 2023.
A binding registration via e-mail is necessary for this.
Please send your reservation with name, date of the event and desired number of tickets
(maximum number of tickets per person: 3) to
The tickets are free of charge.

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