OPDAKH | אָפּדאַך

A journey in time through the history of the former home for Jewish orphans

A former prayer hall becomes the stage for a dialogue with one of the most important and treacherous human abilities:  Memory. 

Constructed in 1913, the building was intended originally to be both a home and a school for Jewish orphans. During World War Two, the SS issued passports here while in the GDR it housed the embassies of Poland and Cuba over the years before being left to fall into disuse and disrepair in the 1990s. A team of four international experts now focuses on this house as their new research objective. They invite an audience to join them on a journey of its past.

With: Andrew Clarke, Jakob Plutte, Raquel Villar, Wenonah Wildblood
and Luise Audersch

Director: Philipp Urrutia
Dramaturgy & Theater pedagogy: Philipp Rost
Stage & Costumes: Marjorie Chau
Video: Mashyno
Music: Tamás Kahane
Assistant Director: Yannick Geske
Production: Denise Biermann
PR: Lena Schulze Frenking

Former Jewish Orphanage Berlin Pankow
Berliner Straße 120/121, 13187 Berlin

Approx. 90 minutes

Opening night on 24.04.2018

Material for Theater pedagogy (german)

A production of OfW in cooperation with Pankower Früchtchen gGmbH. With the support of Dr. Walter und Margarete Cajewitz-Stiftung, Friede Springer Stiftung, Amadeu Antonio Stiftung, Ursula Lachnit-Fixson Stiftung and Janusz Korcak Bibliothek under the patronage of Wolfgang Thierse, MdB.

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