About OfW

Even in a globalized world people tell stories

OfW  (German for Without permanent residence) is a collaboration of Berlin theatre makers. of Theatremakers in Berlin.

Our world has become more and more connected, being mobile and flexible has become a premise. A global identity is shaped by the global metropolis of our world. The question ‚Where are you from?‘ seems to be losing its significancy. The next-door neighbour sometimes seems further away than the Skype-contact an ocean away.

In this world the neighbour from next door is sometimes more away than the Skype-contact of thousand kilometers difference. This world has gotten smaller and bigger at the same time.

We stumble upon the term home because it is now up to everyone’s individual definition and the feeling home wins a very certain importance. And yet, our roots still define us, just as the places we move carrying baggages filled with our stories of dreams, fears and desires. By continuing to tell them, these stories are mixed with those of others.

The importance of (mis)understandings

Our lingua franca is a common sense English. Wherever we go, we somehow manage to understand each other. Yet for most of us this language is not our mother tongue. We learn this language for the same motivation as we adapt the global identity: To define ourselves from our heritage and to widen our world. 

We communicate in a language that is a compromise without being able to articulate every emotion in its closest detail. A language that is defined by misunderstandings and coincidences and that creates new words, situations and scenes of human communication.

The way to the stage

As a result, new stories are created that are trying to find a way onto the stage. These stories hold a diversity and possibilities that cannot only be portrayed in post-dramatic approaches and that are far from being overexploited in spoken-theatre.

In conclusion we want to reflect our own lives’ reality in the theatre work we do. In which the characteristics of being different is not addressed but assumed to be a given fact. Where we want to work with collaborators that might have been there for ever or have recently moved here and that therefore has to be a multilingual theatre. Where physical appearance, accent and other attributes do not matter when it comes to characters and storylines. A theatre for an audience that does not feel attracted by its differences but its similarities. A theatre of stories defined by those that tell them and by the places where they are told. A theatre, in which we never settle down but move to various places to find old and new stories to further tell them and were we always want to search for a global truth.

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