At the bottom

An international ensemble rooted in theatre, performance and music explores the themes of Maxim Gorki’s The Lower Depths and investigates how they are still relevant in their own lives today (English / German).

They lived the dream of self-fulfilment just a moment too long: Restlessness has been replaced by numbness in a group of “young creatives” of which no one really knows where they came from or what they were looking for. A life in precariat? Over. It’s become quite comfortable at the very bottom. Prospects? None.

There is a short moment of hope, ignited by a stranger. But what is hope worth if one has already accepted to have lost to the system? Lost to a system of which one was sure to know all the rules? What happens when the right to a secure life bursts like a bubble? When one accepts after countless relocations to never actually arrive? When no degree and no internship was able to stop the downfall? And does one actually want to hear the answers?

What appears to be the beginning of a tragic novel is developing into the bitter truth for many hopeful young people, living in an artificial in-between, a bell jar, under which they simply exist, unable to break the cycles of a post-precariat. Because the system still lingers above them. And somehow hope still has its appeal.

With: Andrew Clarke, Ivan Doan, Sophie Guisset, Stéphane Mashyno, Frido Richter, Marcel Ruben Schoen, Raquel Villar, Wenonah Wildblood

Director: Philipp Urrutia
Dramaturgy: Charlotte Sofia Garraway
Stage: Lúqua Bertini
Costumes: Halla Farhat 
Video: VDR LCD
Assistant director: Nana Tigges

Studio Polyphony Berlin

Opening night on 17.06.2017, 8 pm
other performances on 18. and 19.06.2017, 8 pm

With the support of: Bezirksamt Reinickendorf, Abteilung Bauen, Bildung und Kultur, Fachbereich Kunst und Geschichte im Rahmen der Dezentralen Kulturarbeit.

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